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Solana Shit Stamps

PRICE: 0.069 SOL
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The best meme poo art ever, conceived by the founders of FecesNation, hailing from the Gluteal Moon.

Fecoliths were born on Ethereum. We've transcribed the art from the original Ethereum Fecoliths NFTs onto a 69 cent meme stamp on Solana for the FecesNation enthusiasts on a different chain.

We will be airdropping numbers matching Solana Shit Stamp NFTs to the OG Fecolith Ethereum minters, but all other unminted ETH Fecolith and SOL Shit Stamp NFTs are available on a first come first serve basis. Try to get your matching NFTs by minting or buying on secondary marketplaces!

Fertilize the Ethereum metaverse by minting your ETH Fecolith!

TOTAL SUPPLY: 5,000 Fecoliths
PRICE: 0.0420 ETH
Contract address


Fecoliths started life from within the mind of a creative genius, OnStrike.

Here’s a sample of his work:

copyright OnStrike 2021

More Art from OnStrike

We have already airdropped a free collection of Chronic Bubonic by OnStrike to the early Fecolith adopters. Chronic Bubonic #21 is showcased below.

OnStrike has also created a collection of the Future Plague Doctor on Solana.

copyright OnStrike 2021

FECE Token

We made a degen token that has no value and no utility. It's just for fun!

$FECE coin contract address, listing on PancakeSwap, and listing on PooCoin.


Individual rights are paramount. 5% of the mint will be donated to the anti-human trafficking charity The Bridge International. Additionally, 2.5% of the secondary sales will be donated to The Bridge International (5% royalty total on secondary sales: 2.5% donation and 2.5% to the team.)

Other Facts:

DEV SUPPLY of (50) ETHEREUM FECOLITHS IS RANDOM. These will be reserved for giveaways and burning the Martyr Fecoliths.

The Fecolith has two unique properties in the metadata: storyline and smell. Why? Because every fecolith has a smell and story. Here’s an example of Medieval Times by OnStrike:

During Medieval Times, it was not only witches that were burned at the stake, the Martyr Fecolith was burned too. Some Fecoliths from the dev supply will be burned to represent the burnings of Medieval Times.

The Team

We’ve been blockchain enthusiasts since 2017, starting as speculators and over the years we learned as much as we could about this nascent area of tech. We naturally progressed into teaching ourselves how to code to build websites and smart contracts.

Snowflake McGillicuddy

Chief of PR and Social Outreach



Starving Artist


Clint Gunbarrel

Keeping the Backend Running



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or find us on Twitter @Fecoliths

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